Wednesday, 23 January 2008

where have you been

church fenton? rode this park the other day with my mate in the rain. trying to get him into bmx by building him one. been saying that for 2 years too, need to get on with it. anyway its a mint park and i wanna ride it again, so when its dry i m headed there. also if anyone would like to ride northallerton park on a week night give me a shout. its only small but we had a ace session there last night, really fun hip. also thought i would get people more stoked with some stills from clips waudby, moley and i have been getting. that trailer was awesome too. i liked the way there was no riding. the riding is a bit older, moley doing a really tight hop bs back in too a fairly steep curved landing ramp,scary, mat kicking ass generally and a downside footplant i did. anyway looking forward to riding with you all soon
wait i might have to post pics separate.

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