Friday, 11 January 2008

New Parts

Due to a certain employee of Dentons Cycles owing me money I have some nice new parts on my bike!
1. Profile '40' stem, endless stick form Scott about this one, apparently having this on my bike makes me a park rat!
2. KHE halflink chain, better than shadow and I can now put my wheel exactly where I want it!
3. Odyssey Mike Aitken 2.25 Street tires with P-Lyte walls. These things are massive as fuck, mint for footjams!

Bike's sick as now! If anybody else had new parts or paint jobs post that shit up! I'm off to rampworx tomorrow with H-Man and some other Newcastle Riders, should be wild. Never been before so I'm looking forward to it.

Also, I watched the new 50/50 video 'That's it' today and its really really good. Rob wise, Aitken and other dudes kill it. Really well made too.


scott said...

haha, you actually bought all that stuff???haha

Jonny said...

What happened with the pegs?
Not man enough?