Monday, 16 June 2008

Player hater!

So, reckon everyone should put down dates they are free over summer as roadtrip is getting close so we could do with sorting who's going, where we are staying and how much it will cost (roughly) as I for one am financially screwed and could do with saving up but need to know how much and also people need to book it off work!
Only dates I can't do are the 8th to the 22nd of August!
Leave ur availability in the comments! Bosh!


Angus.MacPherson said...

Right at this point in time i'm pretty sure i am available from about the end of next week until the middle of september! so I'm pretty easy. I'm off up to scotland at some point in august but will probably be able to shuffle that about if needs be.

scott said...

im free weneva to be honest!

robbie said...

i m free from the 14th of july til whenever matey. should e ace. x