Sunday, 20 July 2008

riding this week?

cant be bothered txtin everyone really, so hopefully people will read this and we will go riding this week!haha!its also the hudds jam on sunday, manditory appearence!


Jonny said...

Jam's on Sunday now? London is looking sketch as my overdraft might not go any higher and I need to get my M.O.T done so even if I do have the cash after I get ripped off then the car might be 'in the shop' for a while! Angus and Scott, u still up for it if it's end or middle of next week?

scott said...

yeah, the jams always been on sunday!and im still up for it, even if we jus go sumwhere for the day or sumit!

Jonny said...

I'll go in your face for a day... Free anytime until the 8th but I hope my car gets done!