Sunday, 4 May 2008

Hey Robbie!

When are you free over the next month? If I can find some money I'll come lift a spade!


robbie said...

hey jonny. and anyone else who happens to read this. i am trying to dig every sunday. it didn t happen this weekend but if you want to come down, let me know. sundays are best. i can t guarantee i ll be digging every weekend but i ll try. mat has been down 2 sundays and dean one sunday. plus you can come ride the quarter and curved bank in the barn.

Jonny said...

Sounds good! I'll get ur number off Waudby and give you a buzz! Is there much left to do? Just I have exams now so maybe 2 weeks?

robbie said...

yeah thats cool. whenever mate. there is quite a lot left to do. i mean to get a line running. but i m hoping to keep adding to them for a long time. but there is a fair bit to do to get them running for summer.