Thursday, 27 March 2008

This weekend!

Had to vacate the villa at ten so be back soon dears!
Am I taking Angus and Waudby or are we postponing it? Maybe just ride Leeds and Prissick over the weekend and hit Newcastle another time? I´ll check this tonight at about 10! There had better be answers!
This is prob the oñly time I can drive up as I go back up for good in 2 weeks or less!
Nice and sunny here, if the weather sucks there I´ll just stay in all weekend self harming! See you in a day or more x x x x


Anonymous said...

I'm down tomorrow, about three o clock, ride CF park, the go into Leeds for my brother's 18th. Then back up to newcastle to be at work for 12:30, work til midnight (it's stocktake) then hit red rooms for the aftermath of the Odyssey premiere I'm helping organise. No plans as yet for sunday! But I'll be in Newcastle, but I might be able to get to prissick if I can get a lift.

Angus.MacPherson said...

Cant really ride tomoz but i'm up for hitting newcastle over the weekend if the weather is good

Jonny said...

Ring you tomorrow Angus! Prob ride Fenton tomorrow Tom! Give us a knock!

Anonymous said...

will do! Should be there about 3:30!