Monday, 24 March 2008

This weekend!

Remember kids that it´s Newcastle trip this weekend! Setting off Friday at about 11am (yeah right) to Prissick! I´ll have Angus and Scott! Waudby are you off with ur mate! I prob wont be on the internet again so sort it out! I can take two! Don´t mind who! Think Frank and Dave are coming up Saturday! I have 700 pounds in the banks so I will be getting hammered both nights and forcing myself on Angus! Sweeeeet! See you at Prisick on Friday!

Jonny x x x x

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Jonny said...

Scott has decided to ruin everyone´s lives and is going out on Friday!
We can go Sat to Monday or whatever! I can´t do any other weekend and weekdays are bad!
If it aint happening someone please tell Fakie Dave and Frank cos I cant!