Sunday, 2 March 2008

Rowntrees park

I can't update tricklist at the mo because I'm now running a mac and no longer have dreamweaver. so i thought i would put some photos from today up here.

Andy learnt slingas and they are actually tidy as fuck.

I learnt oppo slingas and also have sprained my wrist which is a bit of a shit

Andy 360 over the box, the boy is getting too good!

Rob came down and went high as usual even though he claimed he was riding rubbish

The shanks

well I hope everyone enjoyed that because I probably won't have anymore photos for a while! byeee!


robbie said...

quality angus. loving the opposite bars. sweet as a nut. anyways i hope to see you lot soon.

Jonny said...

Rob goes high!

Anonymous said...

Who's Andy?

Post pics of your new computer setup!

Angus.MacPherson said...

Andy is 14 and kills it and will probably be better than all of us in a year!(no joke) Ok i will post a pic of my new setup soon!