Monday, 17 March 2008

Gan on a bender to a gay bar!

Reet! I get back from holiday on the 27th of this very month and the next day we depart for Newcastle via Middlesborough plaza! Shred there all day then go to Newcastle. Expensive night out on a weekend so we can drink heavily at mine and maybe shoot some pool (comp, which I will win and Tom will badly lose) or get drunk before we go out ('cos I'm broke as hell)!
Then, ride park and streeeeta on Saturday (I wouldn't mind a York only session one day just to get reacquainted so easy on the phone there Tom but wouldn't mind huge street mish one day)!

Saturday night we hit a gay bar aptly named Powerhouse to watch the Venga Boys live (see below all you youngsters/people with lives) I'll wear a vest to show off the guns and we'll get drinks bought for us all night (however we may have to get bummed as a result, or just me but I'll 'take it' for the team) it will be sweet, Angus is most stoked as he loves gays and Scott is hooking us up some large stickers saying Venga Bus for the side of Waudby's mates people carrier so we can rock up in that dressed as sailors and cowboys!

Wake up the next day next to a rather large, menacing looking guy with a mustache and quietely sneak out of his house/creepy apartment and meet at the park. Possibly hook up a large street crew and go crazy (I'm talking trying short rails at full pedal so you either over shoot by ten foot or hit one of the verticles hard and slam only to get back up, dust off your leathers and shout 'streeeeeta' as you knock out a passer by and spit out your lost teeth on them).

When it gets dark/my student body packs in then we can either drive home in the Venga Bus or sleep another night and head home Monday for the Zoo (as everyone has holidays)!

Boom-badda-bing, job done! Sign up underneath and I'll decide if you're worthy!


Anonymous said...

Can't do Friday cos it's James' birthday so I'll be out in York. The rest sounds good.

scott said...

that sounds really really gay, but i am most certainly coming!on a man!