Sunday, 24 February 2008

Photos from this weekend!

This is a gig Fakie Dave's mate Joe is putting on next week, get down, it should be good!

Scott 'badboy' Tedder pierced both his ears with a badge when we were mortal drunk! It was mint, he's now rocking the white version of the things currently adorning my ears.


Scott and H Man wearing my hats.

This beers the best! Double dutch! Its currently on offer at my local shop, 8 cans for £5! deal. Its 5% and it comes in half litre cans which is pretty much a pint. I've been drinking all eight pre club for Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Its now my new favorite beer.

Scott built up his awesome new Fit Eddie Cleveland frame, it looks so nice. He's doing a bike check on his blog soon so look out for that!

This is a stitched photo from today. Its the get carter death gap, watch out for an issue of ride in spring time to see which mad man jumped it. It was nuts.

I've also been clocking some footage with Tom Bright for the York video, hammers have been dropped!

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